Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Runaway Cow - Busted Out AGAIN!

After 4 weeks on the loose and in our neighbor's herd, we finally corralled up our Steer, trailered him, and brought him home.

But wait - you think its over, BUT ITS NOT OVER!!!

The steer "Oreo" settled down with the other cows nicely - we even were hand-feeding him. When in the trailer he was good, too, that is until we pulled out of the field away from the other animals.

After that, he never did settle down. We left him in the trailer for a while trying to settle him in... but it was no use. He was banging himself up in there. So... we let him out.

He circled the pasture, walked right up to the fence where he got out originally, and put his nose to the barb-wire. BAM! He busted right through all 5 strands! HE's OUT!

Stinkin' cow... we hoped he would go back to the neighbor's herd, but NO - he went the other way. Time to meet new neighbors and apologize...

Sunday we caught up with him in a heavily wooded ravine. Can you see him here in the picture? He's watching us from about 50 yards away.

We tried to put the sneak on him, but he's too crafty for that. He ran off into the dark woods. As we were walking to the truck through a field, he actually snuck up on us! We spotted him and then he turned and ran back into the woods.

See him! There he goes!

Stinkin' cow...