Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fishing - Put a Handle on that Fish!

Ok, here's a simple and easy fishing tip - a fish HANDLE. After a long day of fighting Kings, putting your fingers into the fish's mouth will only give you more cramped fingers and cuts that are sore.

So, with simply a short piece of rope and a 3-4" piece of PVC pipe, you can put a handle on that fish.

Just tie the rope together through the fish and PVC pipe. Keep it short so the tail doesn't drag.

Ta-Da! The handle will save your fingers, and make it easy for the kids to hold them up for pictures. It is MUCH easier to carry the fish, and you will look so PROFESSIONAL on the boat docks!

Here's a nice problem to have - too many fish and not enough hands!

Your hands will be sore enough from pulling anchor rope, tying knots, and trying to get the hook out of a flopping fish, anyway.

Enjoy! Hope you can use this idea OFTEN!