Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cathlamet Golfing - Another Monthlly Golf Tourney!

To break up the happy 'monotony' of Fish Camp this year, most of us from camp participated in another "KnotJustABear.com" Golf Tournament in Cathlamet, WA.

At least we could still SEE the river while we golfed... most of us had our fish already tagged for the day. Too much of a good thing? Nah!

The greens were tough this trip. We were all too practiced on "ripping lips" than finessing a putt.

It was a beautiful day and alot of fun.

Here's a great "Tiki" statue carved by the Tournament Sponsor, Robert Tidwell, chainsaw carver extrardinare from www.RobertTidwell.com fame.

Robert is a great carver and a FISHING MACHINE!

Here is the new location of the KnotJustABear.com Carving Chateau, located in Rainier Oregon, just off Highway 30 below the Longview (Lewis and Clark) Bridge.

Stop by and see some of his stuff - and ask him how fishing has been!

He's probably on the river right now...