Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meat Chickens are Coming Along

All of the meat chicks are out in the main pen now - and out of the shop. Just in time, too - it was really starting to stink in there.

Here is a good shot comparing the size of one of the males to one of the younger females. This male weighs 2lbs 2oz, and is now 5 weeks old. The female is 4 weeks and just getting close to 1lbs. There is a huge size and growth difference!

We have 10 of the males left (from the original 30 birds mailed to us) and 14 females (18 originally). The females are much more inquisitive and slower growing. The males get riled up easier, and are much more sedentary.

All of them are friendly, though, and eager to see us - probably for food!

Here's some video of the little buggers eating...