Sunday, September 20, 2009

Helping the Community - Our Son's Eagle Project

This weekend our son performed his Boy Scout Eagle Project. About time! Our requirement was that he had to get his Eagle done before getting his driver's license... and it worked!

His Eagle Project was a community clothing drive for several homeless and Women's shelters in the county and Portland.

We canvassed the area a few nights ago with flyers, and then on Saturday we went out knocking doors.

Most of the boys in the scout troop helped out, and ALOT of the community gave alot of cloths!

Here the boys are sorting out the cloths.

Thanks to everyone for the help and donations! The strength of our nation is the people's generosity and willingness to help others - especially those in need. It was a good lesson for the boys to see how eager to help everyone was.

We collected more than 1300 lbs of clothing! Now, off to the shelters to put the goods to work.

He is glad its done, and feeling good about the success.

Everyone felt good (especially when Pizza showed up) about what they had done - some of the other boys are motivated now to get after their projects, too!

Good job, Josh!