Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is it too early for ROADKILL?

Seems like the kids are CONSTANTLY asking "can we pick up roadkill yet?"... I'm sure everyone has this problem, too.

Out for a nice Saturday evening bike ride, our 10 year old started asking the same old question as we passed a fresh squirrel kill.

Oh well... why not!

It was a decent squirrel - good size and pretty fur. He was excited. At least squirrels are small and easy to skin!

Good practice for him to learn on.

With all the work this week on the Cow, though, the knife work is getting alittle old.

Oh well - the kid was happy.

Here the pelt is off the animal. Now we just strip the tail.

The final pelt is in pretty good shape - still thin because of the warm weather, but only one small bald spot.

Here is the final hide he tacked out and salted. Alot of salt is key with the warm weather - bacteria and rot will cause the fur to slip and come out of the hide.

Speaking of tanning hides - its time to check the rattlesnake skin that has been on the shelf for a month or so...