Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall has Begun

The weather is still sunny and clear, but it now has a definite nip to it. It is getting cold at night, and all the kids have colds! Fall is here!

The meat chickens are growing FAST. They get frantic when they run out of feed... we need to modify the feeder to keep them from squeezing in while digging for more food! The biggest ones are over 4lbs now and gaining quickly.

The grape clippings in the windowsill have started to get ready for winter- drying up and dropping leaves. It always looks like they are dead.

Trust us, though - when spring comes around they will light up!

Canning isn't done yet - Mom made a batch of 'Zesty Peach Salsa' this week - it has a real kick to it! Love it!

With the cow gone, we have to find other means to dispose of the garden by-product. Our growing rabbit herd LOVES brocolli...

'keep it coming!' they chant.

here is some video of the meat chickens - they are gorged with food (notice their extended gullets on their chests) and chasing eachother for more tidbits.