Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching the Cow - The END!

It became clear to us that the cow was NOT willing to give our pasture a try...

I think this dude is part elk - he is cagey and sneaky!

Here he is - back in the same bed we spotted him in the day before. This time we took the .30-30 rifle to persuade him to stop and reason with us about coming home.

Its not that we minded him roaming the hills and scaring the neighbors - but we worried someone would get hurt, property would be damaged, etc. Besides - this has gone on for 6 weeks now.

Fortunately he was bedded on our friend's property. I snuck up on him in his bed, and he stood up 20 yards away when he smelled us coming... and gave me a clear head-shot.

Down. Easy, clean, and now its done.

Here is where he dropped from where I shot. It feels like I've been hunting for weeks already, and the deer hunt is still weeks away...

We are disappointed to do it - especially with all the grass in the pasture and a garden FULL of corn, bean plants, and weeds for him to eat up.

This was the only way - you can't even put a rope on a 1200lbs animal.

Here is the spot in the fence he went through both times. I'd painted the wires and added 2 new posts, along with some flags just in case he hadn't seen the fence the first time.

Oh, he saw it before, and aimed for the same spot.

This is one Pacific NorthWest Adventure we are glad to end. Now comes the work...