Monday, September 28, 2009

The Last of the Cow

Its been a busy week. Nice to finally finish with the cow - the last of the butchering is the most fun... hamburger grinding!

With a big, heavy duty grinder it is fun and straightforward. The one we use is a 1HP.

The other secret to easy grinding is to have the meat already in strips - just feed them in. The first year we had big chunks of meat that we had to cut up at grinding time.

We first do a 'coarse' grind, and then put all the meat back through the 'fine' grind.

Careful, son - no fingers in the hamburger!

Hamburger is where the freezer-bags really save time. Just stuff and seal. The double-zipper bags also are valuable - to make sure they seal and don't pop open in the freezer.

Most of this is ground steak. It is FANTASTIC! We got about 250-300 lbs of burger this year.

The cow is DONE.