Monday, September 7, 2009

The Meat Chickens Get New Digs

The "meat" chicken chicks have gotten too big for their little wading pool, so we are moving them out to the pen.

By the end of August, one of the male chicks was at 1 lbs 2 oz!

Here you can see, their feet are growing fast, and they are starting to put out feathers all over.

Feathers aren't the only thing these dudes... look at the amount of 'fertilizer' these units put out.

We are using one of our portable 'tractors' to give shelter to the birds until we get a second coop built. Water, heat lamp, food. All the ingredients for chicken nuggets.

Eating machines at work. As you can see, they now have most of their feathers out, with very little of the cute fuzz left. One bird measured 1 lbs 9 oz today.