Monday, July 13, 2009

Salmon Fillets - Saving more than just memories!

There is alot of work to salmon fishing... the clean-up, unpacking, preparation, knots, etc. Even though we often are dog-tired after a great trip, there is usually fish to take care of.

This is the good work!

Here are the fillets from the 5 Coho's we brought back from Newport. Few things better than fresh, salt-water salmon, just oozing Omega-3 fatty acids!

We typically fillet, vacuum seal, and freeze our salmon caught early in the year - the oil and meat quality is simply fantastic. Not much you have to do to make this stuff taste great on the BBQ!

We have been leaving the skin on the fillets again - it is much easier to BBQ with the skin on, holds the meat together well, and keeps more oils in the fish during the cooking. It is noticably better than when we took the skin off.

These 5 fish, averaging 7 lbs (live weight) reduced to more than 15 lbs of fillets. About a 50% meat-to-live weight ratio. The larger, fall fish have as much as 70% meat-to-body weight ratio.

We froze 7 bags of fillets - about 2.3 lbs per bag. Most families could get more meals, but we have alot of mouths to feed, and they ALL like fish! Better keep filling those tags!