Monday, July 20, 2009

Cottonwood Island is... burning.

A friend came over Sunday afternoon and said Cottonwood Island, in Longview, WA was on fire. He is a firefighter, and said there were no plans to work the fire for a day or two...

This isn't uncommon - the island has quite a few char marks from previous fires. Most of them seem to be related to campers.

Only the south-end of the island was on fire. The girls were worried - next month is Fall Chinook and we usually camp on the island... besides, we have treasure on that island. Think of the pearls!

I had to drive into Rainier, OR anyway, so I snapped a few photos. The afternoon wind was whipping up the flames - they were visible from Goble, OR.

Where the heck is Goble?

This photo is from the north end of Rainier, OR - heading up the big hill. As you can see, there was no sign of the fire... camp is safe!

The weird thing is that 2 hours later when heading south again, the wind was gone, and there was no sign of the fire! No smoke, no flames, nothing.