Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gathering the Garden

All of the adventures this week have been around the garden.

The first of the zucchinies were picked... they got big FAST!

The corn and beans planted in the mound (i.e. "Three Sisters Plots") are more than 2 feet tall, and the beans have begun to grow up the corn plants. Amazing - these plants seem to be growing dramatically faster than the rest in the garden.

We picked our first "lemon cucumber", too. Weird looking... we all agree that Mom will be the first one to try this... treat.
Lettuce is picked daily, as are the carrots and of course the beans. Corn is tassled on the older plants and small cobs are growing.

Besides beans, the peas have really been producing well. Its alot of work and not much pay-off, but then again, the garden is more about the experience, fun, WORK, and delicious eats... so who is counting the cost.

And it was all worth it at dinner time. Fresh peas went well with the tuna casserol. Pickled olives and the recently canned tuna put a smile on even the most finicky eater's face.