Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Green Beans Winding Down... We Hope!

For more than 2 weeks now the green (and yellow and purple...) beans have been producing heavy! We've picked them about every other day, canning 14 quarts from each picking. We are at 75 or 80 quarts, now... enough for the year!

The beans are starting to tire... and so are we!

We expect to get another 2-3 good pickings, and will give them away or let the kids sell them. We're also letting some of the beans grow big-n-lumpy as shown in the pic... we're going to try using them for seed next year, to see how well they do. The corn we saved from last year is growing well, so we'll see if it produces.

The rest of the garden is doing well - we get a 3-4 lb zucchini every other day now... so lots of zuc-bread with chocolate chips! Quite a few cucumbers, including those weird lemon Cuc's that are actually pretty good.

The corn is tassled and tall... life is good! The summer heat-wave we've had has really boosted production, so long as we've kept the garden well watered. The last 2 days have been over 100 degrees!