Monday, July 6, 2009

Lighting Up the 4th - Big Badda BOOM!

Ok, the kids are wet from the river, its the 4th of July, and we are less than a mile from the Chehalis Indian Reservation... what is next for our day?

Yeah! Fireworks!

Good think this kid only had $10 to spend... we were suprised it lasted the 3 minutes it did!

We were staying at our friends place for the holiday - they put on a great 'warmup' show with the box of last year's leftover fireworks. A couple of the larger rockets didn't have the umph they used to and exploded on us! Steve got a pretty nasty burn and blister on his hand where he was hit by hot burning schrapnel... fortunately none of the kids were hurt. As you can see, it didn't slow Steve down any, either.

The highlight of the day was sitting up on the hill, overlooking the Indian Reservation and watching the show. Steve and Kathleen had a fire with smore's to keep the kids attentive. Beautiful still evening with the entire Rochester valley lit up with fireworks!

In Mexico they REALLY know how to pop-off the fireworks! You've got to see this - all the way to the end...