Monday, July 6, 2009

Looking for Animals - Trail Cameras in the woods

This time of year we start putting cameras out into the woods to scout for this fall's hunting. The bucks and bulls are putting on antlers, and using trail cameras is a great way not only to look for potential hunting, but to get great pictures of bear, moose, and even wolverines! Several researchers this last year caught pictures of the giant weasels in CA, OR, and WA, where noone thought they were.

We use several fancy cameras, but the best ones we like are these cheap 2.0Mpixel digital cameras. My friend made these steel protectors that the cameras fit into easily. Simply angle-iron welded and powder-coated. $20 for the holder and $45 for each camera - very cheap and very secure. Note the hole at the top - we use the 'python' cable locks to lock it to the tree. Helps prevent theft. We even use these for security on the cabin - someone could shoot these and the memory stick would be protected by the steel so we could track down the perp...

Last year we got a couple does, and a cow elk. Also caught this guy sneaking around our secret spot... looks like he saw just as many "nothings" as we did.

We did get pictures of moose and what looks like the tail-end of a bear, so that was fun... the moose came up and sniffed the camera!

These are fairly in-expensive and a great motivator for the kids to get out and hike - so many high-hopes and excitement over what we got on the camera THIS time...