Monday, July 20, 2009

Canning Tuna Fish

The internet forums are alive with fishermen reports from the Oregon and Washington coast... the TUNA are out there! Right now, the 59* water is still about 35 miles out - too far for us, but not too far for the big boats, like

A local guy has really nice fish, so we picked up some. We can it in pint jars - wide mouth are best. There is 1 lbs of fish per pint.

The best fish is on ice - NOT frozen! The frozen fish is a mess to clean. And be sure to get it fresh.

We can fit 15 pints into our big canner. We can the fish (same as salmon) for 110 minutes at 10 psi.

It takes a while, and with all the green beans we have been up till 2am to turn the last batch off at night. Makes for LONG days, but its worth it!

Here is some of the loot. There is NOTHING better than home-canned tuna! Problem is, the kids love it too. Not sure what the commercial canners do to the fish, but it is no way near as good as homemade.

Better than gold, and tastier too. The only way it gets better is if we'd pulled it into the boat ourselves...