Monday, July 20, 2009

Fishing - Steelhead Plunking on the Columbia

There are nearly 4,000 Steelhead heading up the Columbia River right now... friends are catching them, so we went out a few hours to "plunk" on the beach and see if we could get a bite.

Plunking is just casting out lures from the beach. For Summer Salmon and Steelhead, we use Spin-n-glo's. Here is one example.

Another example here of a plunking rig. We added salmon eggs to sweeten the deal. The weight size depends on the current. We like larger Spin-n-glo's for salmon, but we've gotten steelies on the larger ones, too.

Pretty simple. Casting is the trick - make sure they don't tangle, or you aren't fishing...

The morning was beautiful. Look at that water - flat as glass! Bummer! I goofed on the tide, and we were there at low slack. Not enough current to plunk.

Several large fish jumped... so they are moving through!

We'll try again and post pictures of the fish next time.

Even the squaw-fishing was poor in this location.

Oh well, it was great to get out in the AM with the boys.