Monday, July 20, 2009

Blog Statistics - Watching YOU Watch US...

We've been using the new Google "Analytics" tools to track the activity and hits here at nwpodcast. The tool is easy to setup - we copied some basic code into the webpage, and registered the site with the Google tool.

The reports are great - we can track the new hits and even repeat customers.

Here is an example of the recent activity. We can also correlate the number of visitors we get based on the postings or pictures we upload.

This is our favorite report - WHERE are all of YOU coming from! It is fun to see the different countries across the world viewing the blog.

The reports drill down and break out where in the countries, states, and even cities our visitors are coming from.

Somebody out in Michigan keeps hitting the site pretty regular...

If you use a blog, this is a tool we highly recommend.