Monday, August 10, 2009

Roadtrip to Long Beach and the Pacific Ocean

We had to be out in Long Beach on Sunday and so we left early to take in some of the early-morning sites.

The tide was out when we crossed over the Astoria Bridge to WA... no one out fishing the bridge area, either.

It was a cool and cloudy morning. Rain hit us within a few miles of the ocean. Very pretty, and it was a nice change from the heat of the last few weeks.

Here in the NW we can't take TOO much nice sunshine!

All of the net boats were out of the water... that is always good!

The cranberry bogs were also idle it seems. These are really cool, especially when they are out working them with berries.

As we hit the beach, the weather started to break, and the blue came out! yeah!

The wind was mild, too. Didn't mess our hair up for church!

Here we had to check and see if Captain Clark's sturgeon was bigger than the one we caught in May.

... yep, its alittle bigger, but not by much...

Later in the afternoon, the sun was out and it was warm. And bonus - the Astoria Column is open again! Yeah!

We didn't even know this thing was there until a year or two ago. This was our first chance to get up in it!

Beautiful view of Astoria Bridge... very different from the pictures taken earlier in the morning, but then again, that is the NW!

A fear of heights wasn't enough to keep him down... what a view!

He held on tight to the railing...

...and he counted more than 200 steps to get back down.

On the ground it doesn't seem that tall...

Finally got up in the Column. Crowds weren't too bad, either.

A great day for a roadtrip out to the Pacific - the NorthWest never disappoints!