Monday, August 17, 2009

More Construction Projects to get Ready for Winter

There are a few other projects to start and finish before winter gets here...

We broke ground on an addition to the shop. This is where we will house the boat to get it out of the weather. This is just prep-work before we bring the backhoe over. We called blue-stakes and got all the utilities marked, so the adventure should be easy... right?

The other project is to fix up the chicken coop. Ever since we finished the Garden House right next to it, the coop has needed a re-vamp. It is very unlevel on the slope, so we first need to jack-up the end, here.

Pretty easy to jack it up - just needed a lever with alittle weight on it...

All the digging brought in the hens - they are efficient machines at eating up the spiders and bugs!

Here you can see how we slipped in one of the blocks. Its tough to see because of the fencing we stapled around the edge to discourage predators from digging in.

The fencing has worked well to keep the hens from digging out, too.

Here is the final state - two blocks under the downhill side, and the coop is nice and level. Ready now for the siding and trim.

Stay tuned...