Thursday, August 13, 2009

Farm Chores - Chasing a Cow (Steer)

Ok, here's a good one. On Monday evening, we had our new Steer delivered to our pasture. Every year we get a beef, and finish it off for 2-3 months with them eating down the pasture and garden while we fatten them up for the freezer.

Everything was going pretty smoothly on Monday, too. The guy we bought him from had some trouble... this 2 year old steer had never been out of the herd or in a trailer, and was a little high-strung.

Here is a nice shot of him - a great looking animal at almost 1200 lbs. He ran out of the trailer, circled the pasture a few times like they always do, and posed for a photo.

Three minutes later, when he saw the trailer leaving, he busted through a 5-wire barb-wire fence. The cow is out!

He obviously was high-strung, and when the trailer was leaving, he apparently panic'ed. As he busted through brush he hit the fence and probably figured it was more brush.

Here is the fence where he went through.

Then, crossing the neighbor's field, he dropped into the ravine and we lost sight of him.

We spent all Monday night hiking the ravine and talking to neighbors. One reported him on the road about 40 minutes later, but he was nowhere in site!

How is this one going to turn out? Stay tuned!