Monday, August 10, 2009

Roadtrip Recap - From High Desert to the Pacific

This long weekend we had rafting and out at the ocean just highlighted the diversity and beautiful country we enjoy out here in the Pacific NW.

Looking back, it is all beautiful.

The high desert was wonderful and makes us think about good times in WYoming, too!

Then quickly the high plains and heat give way to pine and brush as we approach the Mount Hood area.

Not all the action was outside our window... there was some SERIOUS snoozing going on after 2 days of whitewater!

Oh well - he'll get to see the pictures of all the scenery he missed...

So quickly the pines give way to evergreen firs and alpine areas... right at the feet of Hood.

...and then back to the city of overpasses. PDX used to be called Stump Town, but now it is more like road town...

And then there are the rivers! Up and over!

All the stumps are gone and the city is paved over. Good thing there are alot of big rivers to wash away the big-city messes...

PDX is a fun town, but it is gross, when you have spent quality time in the beauty of the rest of the state...

And finally the road takes us to the end - the Ocean of all Oceans!

From heat to trees and salt. No better place in the world.