Monday, August 17, 2009

Fishing - Salmon Fishing out of Chinook, Washington

August is for Astoria! Astoria Bridge, that is. The salmon are moving into the river now... and putting on some size!

We went out early this weekend with a neighbor and fished the flood tide within the mouth of the Columbia River...

... and immediately tied into BIG fish! 2 Big ones busted us off - we were only using 30 lb line, so we switched to 40lb line!

Here's a big one we got into the boat! This fat hog was 30lbs in size, and had some big shoulders. After loosing 2 of our new lucky spinners (home made) we put on this one - the last one we brought!

This spinner here hooked 10 fish during the day - all of the big ones.

This is a great fish! Can you see the strain in his face just holding it up?

Besides the big Chinook, we also got alot of these nice Silver salmon.

Everybody's having fun, now! Keep that rod-tip up, and the line tight!
The weather was warm but windy and overcast. It never rained on us, though the spray of the water did hit us now and then.

Success! We got another in the boat.
Older brother was relieved it was still smaller than his...

A great day! The fish-checker found a metal tag in the head of the big one, and cut off the head to recover the chip. Bummer to have your trophy ruined... but we got some pictures. He's still smiling...

...smiling right up until they konked out in the truck on the ride home...
Another successful and long day in the beautiful NorthWest, and the fishing is just getting started!