Monday, August 24, 2009

More Construction - Shop Addtion for the Boat

This week we tore into the grassy area behind the shop, to expand the shop and provide a place to park the boat in out of the weather.

Here you can see the back of the place - still some water barrels to move. The gravel area is where we park the boat today - this will all be covered in dirt and become garden for the berries to expand into.

From this view you can see the boat and van parked on the gravel, and also where we have torn into the grass. The backhoe made quick work of the grass, and the spoil was put into the area where the boat currently is shown. We dug down through the gravel and are building up the topsoil for the black and raspberries.

Our crew worked hard, so we gave them rides. They hadn't counted on the "thrill and chill" part of it... they quickly cowered into the bucket until it came down a bit.

Here you can see where we have leveled off the gravel area - making it less steep for backing in the boat. Also, you can see the dirt piled up on the right of the photo for the berries. There was alot of bentenite in the dirt - I think the previous owner was trying to create a barrier to keep water out of the shop...

The area cleaned up nice.

Here is the boat parked in its new spot. It still takes a few forward-n-reverses to ease it into place... after some practice we'll work it out.

Plenty of room on either side. The construction will pore concrete along the grass edge as a retaining wall, and sheetmetal will cover the back side along the grass. The roof will extend over the boat, keeping it out of the sun and rain. And out of the snow. Then we'll paint it all to match the house. Can't wait to get building...