Thursday, August 6, 2009

Boat Prep - Finishing the Flooring

Fall Chinook fishing is coming up, and we've been going through the boat getting her ready for action.

Back when we put the ski-tow bar into the boat, we used a piece of regular plywood to close up the floor. It wasn't very good wood, was too thin, and didn't have vinyl, but it worked for the summer.

A friend at work had some leftover marine plywood and gave us some scraps... just enough to finish the floor up right! We took the patch, and cut out new pieces.

You can see here the difference between the "standard" plywood piece and the marine plywood. Very nice, dense wood, and smells good too.

The vinyl doesn't match the original flooring very well, but good enough until we find some that will match. Here is the covered wood, ready for the tow-bar to be installed again.

And here is the final product. Everything locked into place and ready to go. Doesn't look too bad, either. Besides, it will all be covered in fish slime and blood soon, anyway!