Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cow Hunting Update - Where'd He Go?

We thought we had him! We met and made a plan early this morning to corner and deal with the loose cow... except he gave us the slip!

Lots of tracks down in the ravine... and cow pies, too.

He had a nice leisurely evening in the bottom.

We hiked, scouted, and chris-crossed the small stream following him deeper back into the ravine.

Alot of deer and elk sign back in here... we need to put trailcameras back here!

Finally, after 2 hours it was clear to us - he gave us the slip! That is one sneaky steer.

Here is some 'Sour Grass' we found back in there. I always thought it was 'jumbo NW clover', but it is actually a type of Wood Sorrel. It tastes like sour apples when you chew the stalks, and is quite refreshing. Careful, though - in large amounts it is toxic.

Would be nice if that dumb cow would eat it and slow down...