Monday, August 17, 2009

More Meat Chicks

Welp Hatchery sent us 17 replacement chicks for the ones that died last week. It was very nice of them, and we are very happy customers - they were great to work with, understanding, and eager to resolve the problem.

Instead of males, we agreed to take female chicks this time. They are noticably more calm and peaceful than the males. One was dead in the box on arrival, but none of the remaining chicks have had a problem out-a-da-box.

After 10 days, the male chicks are over 8 oz in weight, and we are now only feeding them during the day - removing food at night. They are very active and aggitate easily. They are fast and eat like pigs! Feathers are appearing and they are GROWING.

The female chicks are at 4 oz at exactly 1 week younger than the males. They are calm, docile, and even easy to handle. They are all doing well, and don't seem to get aggitated or pick at eachother as much. Though they grow slower, they seem to be the easier birds to raise, already.