Thursday, August 20, 2009

Company Picnic with a Moster Slide!

We attended a company picnic out at Cedar Ridge near Vernonia, OR and had a blast. It was blazing hot out... nearly 100*F and sunny, but there was lots of water.

Good food, too.

There were lots of activities and things, especially for the kids, but all of us wanted to stay in the water.

The only thing that got us out of the pool was the MONSTER waterslide! This bad boy was 250' long! It was a great slide. A few of the sliders almost ended up in the Nehalem river at the base of the slide!

Even the little guy went a few times. The only thing taking him away from the slide was going back to the pool... back and forth, back and forth...

A great day of fun. The only way to spend during these HOT days of summer in the Pacific NW.