Friday, May 29, 2009

Taste of Summer - Fresh Clams

One of our last trips out to the ocean, there was a low tide, and as we walked I pointed out to the kids the 'button' holes that indicated clams down in the sand. "You have to dig and dig fast between the water and that hole, and you'll get a clam!" I told the kids.

A couple of them tried it half-heartedly, and of course they didn't get anything. "yeah right" they all exclaimed - Dad was pulling a fast one. So, being the fastest clam-digger ever to come out of Allegan County, Michigan, I had to show them. Finding a nice size 'button' hole, I dug quickly and smoothly into the cool, damp sand - bare handed I might add. In a few short strokes, I was up to my elbow, and pulled out a nice, large razor clam!

Well, I barely had time to rinse it off in the surf and look up to find the kids had scurried everywhere and were fast at digging! It took the boys alittle longer to catch on, but eventually they all got one! They didn't want to stop digging, but my pocket could only hold so many. Besides, we only had two licenses with us and I wasn't sure what the limit was.

I told them all that clams don't taste good, but they didn't believe me and had to try for themselves. Darn. Next time we'll all be sure to have a license, and then I'll get more than just a taste!