Monday, May 18, 2009

Float Tube Fishing - The Return

Last week's fishing trip to Salmonberry was more about mud than fishing. After the campout, the garden planting, the waterfights, stump removal, weed eating... and all the other chores were done, we still were standing. And if we are still standing, that means its time for fishing!

We left the little ones at home with Mom - they did a bike ride, so Dad got to go fishing. Beautiful day on the pond - the boys didn't even use waders.
We got a few fish. A family of otters came and played around us in the float tubes.
About an hour before dark the bite turned on. Every cast I got a bite. We used flies, spinners, and every flavor of power-bait. The rainbow powerbait was by far the best - so we kept tossing the bottle from tube-to-tube.
A great evening, and a great way to end a full day in the Pacific NorthWest!