Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Trout Fishing - a.k.a Mud Bogging!

This weekend was beautiful here in the great Northwest - time to get out fishing! They stocked Salmonberry, a small lake in the hills above St. Helens, Oregon with trout.

A few people were catching fish, but we didn't get a bite. The older boys took the float tubes out - that is definitely the way to fish - even if the fish aren't biting.

An osprey was having pretty good luck - he hit the water twice within feet of my boys... very cool!

One of them did manage to hook and land a nice fly rod out in the middle of the lake! There wasn't a fish attached, so I told him to throw it back but he didn't listen. Now he's all fired up to tie flies and start whipping the air...

This was the first fishing trip for our 2yr old... and who cares about fish when there is MUD and PUDDLES! He hit every mudhole several times...

Looks happy, doesn't he!

This video shows him in action - especially at the end when he is exhausted in the truck. Still smiling, is't he!