Monday, May 4, 2009

Camas Cultivation - Finding new digs!

Since our earlier post when we first found Camas Flowers, we've started finding them EVERYWHERE - the bloom is on! Had a nice hike with the younger kids and found some great spots to dig.
Here is a larger flower and bulb - this one was 2 feet long and the bulb was almost 2 inches in diameter. Thats a meal!

The hillside was covered with smaller flowers - most of these were only a foot tall with bulbs the size of a dime or nickel. We'll go back in a month or so to see how big they get.

Really was beautiful out - even in the pouring spring rain! The kids had fun with it too.

Here are some of the smaller bulbes we dug - it wasn't worth digging these, but we couldn't go into the field without digging some of them!
We baked these with some butter and garlic salt. Good think I sampled the 1st one - the kids gobbled them up.

Here's an old-timey photograph of Native Americans roasting bushels of Camas bulbs in bulk. Look at them all!

Finally, here's some fun video of the Camas field we found. Video helps do it justice.