Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Golf - 2nd Annual KnotJustABear.Com Tournament

Last weekend we had one nice day of weather... and since the fishing on the Columbia River is closed, what are we gonna do? Golf!
I'm not a big golfer, but in the springtime it is great to get out once and a while. Last year's tournament was at Wildwood, north of Portland. A fun course.

This year Robert Tidwell, of fame, hosted the 2nd Annual Golf Tournament in Cathlamet, WA, just above the Columbia.
We golfed Skyline - A very fun course and challenging, too, especially on the short-game. I won K.P. at the first hole, and almost won the longest drive on 9 - beaten by 3 feet.
There were 13 of us golfing, and afterwards had a great barbeque.
The greens are fast, and most of the fairways are narrow and shorter. It was great, though I would have liked a few more chances to try out Robert's new driver - not enough long fairways ;-)
Thanks Robert, and thanks, Skyline!