Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Garden Battlefield - Keeping Out the Crows!

The crows completely wasted our first planting of corn - only a dozen or so small corn are left, after the black bandits pulled up the small plants and ate off the remainder of the corn seed. Last year it was a rooster Pheasant who came and scratched out all our seeds to eat. This year, we tried an owl decoy. The crows quickly made friends with him, and ate the corn beneath his benevolent gaze... the owl didn't work!

Yesterday, as we replanted 6 more rows of corn, we put up a bunch of shiny, tinsel-like wrapping ribbon all over the garden.

We also strung up several long ribbons across the entire garden.

This morning, early at sunrise, we heard the flock of crows loudly calling from the trees. I sleepily checked the garden (shotgun in hand) and was pleased to see NONE of them were in the garden! They didn't approach the garden, so apparently it seems the tinsel is working... ! We'll keep you updated...