Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sturgeon Fizz Bombs Part 3: Playin' with the Fishes

Back in March (NWPodcast #104) we demonstrated our SECRET Sturgeon fizzing scents. One of the kids has a science fair next week, and we wanted to field test them. We did get permission to do this!
We also did alot of video after the experiment - way fun playing with big fish... and no hooks involved!

We built a bracket out of PVC pipe to hold 2 plates - one for plain scent (shown here), and the other to hold a capsule of scent with fizzing powder - citric acid and baking soda.
We hooked up an underwater video camera to watch the action, and see which one seemed to attract the sturgeon and big trout the most.

Here is the fizzing capsule waiting for the dunk-tank.
We used 2 different scents - herring and anchovy.

Here is one of the sturgeon checking the scents out... he/she definitely is keeper size!

The sturgeon were very wary of the white pipe - next time we'll use black plastic.

This sturgeon started nosing the camera!

Can you guess what bait the fish liked the best? Can you guess which flavor they preferred? It was very clear in the data and on video what they liked... but we can't tell you until after the science fair - don't want to steal his thunder!

Here is alittle of a highlights video we put together of all the trout and sturgeon swimming around the baits.