Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bike Repair #8 - The Duct-Tape Tire Patch

Monday morning we decided to spend Memorial Day out at Fort Stevens on the coast - riding bikes. A quick inventory of flat tires and derailed chains found a severly worn-out tire on a little girl's bike... apparently big brother has had fun leaving skid-marks all over the driveway, at the expense of the tire. It was down to the inner tube in several places.

So, in true NorthWest fashion, we came up with a quick fix - we'd patch the tire and protect the inner tube with duct tape!
5 minutes and we had quickly wrapped 3 layers of tape around the inner tube, tested it, and re-installed the wheel.

Here's the finished tire. We rode more than 12 miles on it out at Fort Stevens, without a care. She wasn't even careful! Its still holding are, and looks great. We'll see how long it will last!
Big brother is wondering if it will leave a shiny silver skid-mark on the driveway...