Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Campout - Multnomah Channel

We had so much fun last year circumnavigating Sauvie's Island, that we did it again this May, too. We started out in Scappoose Bay, and motored out to the Columbia River.

It is about 45 minutes from St Helens to Kelly Point on the Willamette River - the wind was up and the river was choppy, so we had to go slower.

Alot of people were out on the river taking advantage of the breezy afternoon, kite-surfing. We had to stop and watch for awhile.

Fishing Friday night was actually very slow - only two bites... but one of them was a keeper! Here's a happy 10 year old - he's smiling in the picture, but was complaining about how tired his arms and back were!
His 15 minutes of hard work paid off - with a nice 46" keeper! (51" from nose to tip-of-the-tail). Its almost bigger than he is.
After fishing, we motored up into the mouth of Multnomah Channel, and after what seemed like forever (most of the channel is No Wake Zone, because of the floating houses) we made it to Hadley's Landing. Alas, it was full! The campground was empty, except for the crowds letting their little dogs use the bushes, but there was nowhere for our little boat to park!
We found a spot to park the boat, and slept in the boat that night. Just enough room for the 4 of us to stretch out. Very nice way to sleep! The water was calm, the air was cool and fresh, and the bugs stayed on shore.
Sunrise broke and we were all up early to fish some more. The tide was off, and a bad upriver wind hampered the fishing on the Willamette again, so after only a couple of "shakers", we motored the length of the channel back to Scappoose Bay. We did fish the 'birdhouse', Coon Island, and 'Boise' fishing holes, but no action at any of these.
A great trip, and alot of fun. The weather was awesome! These "Huck Finn" camping trips on the river are our favorites - it is easy, just like "car camping" at a normal campground, but no crowds (all the yacht'ers stay in their boats with their wine and cheese) and beautiful on the river. Always something to fish for, too!
Here is a great video of our 'cabin boy' fighting his fish - hope you enjoy!