Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Urban Hike Through Haifa

Here's the countryside travelling to Haifa. Very beautiful and much more agriculture than I'd expected.

The weather is hot, but this close to the Mediterranian Sea provides a nice breeze.

We passed several broken-down aquaducts that look like they were Roman on the way.

Here's a nice shot of Haifa's port from on top of Mt Carmel.

The first evening was beautiful out and I really needed to stretch my legs after 26 hours of sitting, so I headed downhill.

The city has numerous alleys and stairways cutting through the one-way streets that switchback along the hillside.

This image looks like many from any of the world's big cities - just like ones in Shanghai, the Phillipines, or even Chicago (in the summer).

Alot of wildlife in Haifa - ferril cats everywhere. I guess I can't call them ferril, as it seems they are all well-fed by piles of food on the corners.

They act half-wild, though.

I ran across several nice parks for sitting and enjoying the sunset.

The warm air and cool breeze was just what I needed.

I never did make it to the water... nor did I hike back up. A quick taxi ride took me to a real bed for a nap.

Jetlag never allows for full sleep - just a series of naps and yawns.