Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Low-Key Memorial Day

This year we spent Memorial Day alittle more low-key.

The weather gave us a slight break, so we got out to visit some local cemeteries and hike a bit.

We saw some wildlife - this small buck was taking it easy, too.

We climbed Liberty Hill to visit the Masonic Cemetery in St Helens, Oregon.

It is a nice walk, with a good view of the St Helen's area.

Some of the graves go back into the mid-1800s.

No one else was there, though all the veterans had flags on their markers.

Of course, the 'monster' found every puddle around from the recent rains...

Can you hear him taunting us to 'come and get me'?

Next, we drove north on Hwy-30 and walked a bit of the OLD Hwy-30 stretch.

We went and visited an old, roadside cemetery.

So many shades of green... it was beautiful and a nice, cool walk.

And we found more Pacific NorthWest wildlife.

This little buck is also a 2x2, like the first one we say.

One of the big waterfalls off the hillside has washed debris and shrubbery over the old highway.

Another tough place to try to herd the monster away from the deeper water...

We explored back into the landslides, and found many nice waterfalls.

We also found a very old culvert under the old highway.

This is as far back as she ventured... after we warned her to lookout for all the big spiders...

It was nice to get out and talk about the value and costs of freedom with the kids.

Sure, our country is facing troubles, but it is still an example of freedom and good in the world. We are fortunate to live here, and especially fortunate to live in the best part of this country!