Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bead Project with the Girls

Last weekend at the beach, we found alot of discarded treasures - all those beautiful bits of shell and glass that just accumulate in little girl's pockets.

Until they get home and forget where all the junk came from.

The shellbits look so pretty when wet on the beach.

So... we brought some of the nicer ones home, and thought we'd try making beads for the girls to use.

They've been making lots of things lately.

Here you can see how faded the bits have become.

A couple of little holes using a 1/64 drillbit, and now its a bead!

A coat or two of varnish, and they are shiny and 'wet' again.

The bits are easy to shape and modify with wirecutters and a file... and the price is right.

Now they have more fodder for the bracelet mill.