Monday, June 7, 2010

Cannon Beach Hiking

After a full afternoon of hiking Saddle Mountain, it was time to teach the kids one of life's more important rules:

"when less than 30 minutes from the beach, ALWAYS go to the beach!"

The cool water felt GREAT on our hot feet!

Alot of folks out on the beach... but there was still plenty of room to roam.

We hit the beach at the north end, and decided to walk the surf down to the tide pools.

Along the way we found alot of great shell pieces... and kept some of the nicer ones to make beads from.

Some bits of beach glass, too.

We weren't sure what fish this was - almost a herring or sardine, but definitely not an anchovie.

Maybe an alewife? Hmm.

The long flat beach always gives great pictures of the seastack and its reflection.

"The beach is all about lines - and none of them straight."

It was a great end to a fun day of hiking.

The kids were real troopers, so we drove up to Seaside and tanked up at McD's for the long ride home. Some ice cream in Vernonia and everyone agreed, this was the "best day ever."

And they all snoozed in the car on the way home.