Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Quick Fishing Trip

After our hike, we quickly finished up our chores so we could get out on a little fishing trip.

You can see the boys have been making good daily progress splitting firewood.

Four of us loaded up and headed back to Salmonberry Lake with the float tubes.

The water was 2-3 feet higher in the lake... looks like the drainage culvert was plugged up this last week with all the rain.

The water was still very clear, and the small number of people already there had been catching fish.

The fishing was slow - the kids only had bites, and Dad barely managed to catch his limit of 5 fish.

The fish we did catch were big and strong!

Here is a fat, 15" fish. Really pushed the limit of the 4-lb leader.

All of the fish were good fighters.

One was 13", a big 15" fish, and right at the end, as we were about to step out of our tubes, Dad hooked a BIG 16" monster!

Good thing he was still in his tube, because it pulled him around and took line like a steelhead.

You can see here all the fish had dark, red meat. Very different from the typicall hatchery fish we get at Salmonberry.

Nice, red, and firm - these fish will be fried up instead of canned!

The trip was a nice ending to a great day. Good to get out and about again.