Monday, June 21, 2010

Garden Replant - Times 3

This year's garden is struggling... what has come up is small and yellow.

The 'preen' weed killer has worked pretty well... or maybe the weeds are just suffering from Vitamin D deficiency, too.

Either way, it is a sad garden compared to previous years. Junuary has not been a good month for gardening.

We've planted corn 2x already, and only about 6 or 8 plants have struggled to the surface out of the 14 rows!

The beans and peas are doing ok... but stunted.

We tilled around them to give them alittle more advantage.

We also soaked more corn seed in the sun to start the germination process.

The sun came out for an hour or two, so that is more than the previous seeds ever got.

We replanted 4 more rows - just to see what happens this year.

Wait... we already know what will happen. Three more weeks of clowds and rain because we planted in the garden, right?

Oh well, we had to try!