Monday, June 21, 2010

Plunking for Steelhead at Prescott

A little time on saturday was all we had to hit the river and try for a steel-face.

The crew was eager, and we decided to try Prescott Beach, near the site of the old Trojan Nuclear Plant. Our first time fishing here.

There were dozens of other people already there, but we found a nice open spot on the beach between the crowds.

We also tried a previous trick - Tuna Balls - with our Spin-n-glos.

Pretty simple... tuna-in-oil stuffed into mesh bags.

Easy to make, and pretty cheap, too. The tuna is only about $0.82 per can, compared to $6 prawns... we used prawns and shrimp, too.

Here's one of the lures with a shrimp on it.

Downstream from us the beach was crowded...

Alot of folks standing around with hands-in-pockets.

Word was that the day before was "red-hot". The tide just started to run when we got there.

"Shoulda been here yesterday." We've heard that one before.

Another gloomy Junuary day this year.

Once the poles were set, the crew got right to work.

We had 2 good 'take-downs', that rang the bell but nothing stuck to the hook.

There were only 3 other take-downs the whole morning.

One guy lost a fish near us...

...and one guy got a nice little steelhead below us.

How he got it to the bank without a tangle is pretty impressive.

It was nice to fish for a couple hours, and nice to try a new spot.

We decided if it would have been sunny, the fishing would have been better. Oh well - on to other things.