Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busted Brakeline on the Big Rig

A couple months ago the brake's seemed a little 'squishy' on big Mean Green... so we took it for a test drive into the neighbor's driveway.

70 feet drained more than 10oz of brake fluid onto the drive.

One of the hard lines split open, and the brakes were GONE! Good thing this didn't happen the week earlier with the van loaded with kids travelling to the Oregon coast.

It is really a mess underneath the van - very corroded and confusing.

So... the van sat for a few months until we could 'limp' it down to the shop.

Fortunately, the shop had enough brakeline on hand and fixed it in just a few hours. $170 wasn't too bad, considering how important the brakes are here in the Pacific NorthWest.

Mean Green is back on the road - just in time for another weekend adventure!

Will the brakes hold up this time? Will our daring party of NWPodcast explorers cheat death again?

Stay Tuned.