Monday, June 28, 2010

Fal-a-fal is Good Food!

This day was mostly a work day, but it started out beautiful and kept getting better and better.

The morning walks at the Promenade are a favorite.

A best part of travelling is always the food! Well, except that one time in the Phillipines... but the other days were good...

After the walking, there was a fantastic breakfast buffet.

This was my favorite - mushrooms with mozzarella cheese balls - very vinegrette and good.

Tonight, we asked all the staff of the hotel, and several folks on the street where to find Shwarma...

... and we found some! Not far away, either.

These guys got really animated for the Americans, too.

Dinner and a show!

It was really good - my first so I'm no conasseaur if it is "Good Good", but I'll be going back.

It was messy, too, which makes eating it on the street all the more flavorful.

The hummus fal-a-fal was also a treat.

Much lighter and crunchier than the chick-pea ones.

After a day of meetings, work, and WAY too much good food, the other co-workers and I took a last stroll along the lookout back to the hotel.

Who needs more than 4 hours of sleep in 2 days when you've got this kind of fuel in your veins!