Monday, June 7, 2010

Steelhead on the Big Columbia

Some friends called this week and said they've been catching steelhead along the banks of the Columbia River... alot of steelhead.

This weekend we took a few hours to go up and join them.

Fishing off the docks, no less. Here is a "quick-n-dirty" rod holder for the docks. We set our drags very loose to prevent any 'catastrophic failure' of the C-clamp.

The water is high from all the rain, but there were still fish.

This nice one took a spin-n-glo with prawn on it.

Very acrobatic.

It finally gave up and was slid up the bank easily.

Here's one happy camper.

Nice fish!

Alot of dredging going on right now in the area. It gave us something to watch.

Another fish was on for a while, then broke off. We missed two other take-downs.

No fish to take home, but it was nice to get on the river.