Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fishing in the Mediterranian Sea

Ok, technically I didn't go fishing, but watched others do it.

It is Sunday, the Sabbath, so I'm not fishing, even though Saturday is the day everyone here observes it.

Last night's dinner was the only fish I had. It was great, too.

Several old-timers were fishing the rocks when I reached the water.

They all had very long, heavy fishing poles with line tied to the end which they'd bait and then dash to the water to put it in between swells and waves.

This guy never caught anything and soon left.

The beach was covered with shells, but not people.

Here's another view of Mt Carmel.

This guy caught a small perch while I watched him - I tried to explain that I brought him good luck.

He just scowled and tossed the little fish back in... just like my kids do.

Oh well, some language is universal and I moved on.

The crows chased off the ferril cats and were enjoying a Sunday brunch.

I hope when they fed Elijah during the famine they didn't get his food from the refuse-bin!

I'll bet the food came from the neighborhood, though.

Most of the beach along the point of Carmel was rocky and full of debris - innumerable broken tiles and trash.

Alot of shells and jellyfish, too.

I'd been warned by several to stay out of the water because of the jellys... but many were swimming the area.

A couple of nice boats around, too.

This one looked like a "Fred Flintstone" boat you can motor with your feet...

The shells were in piles all along the sand and rock.

There has to be a fair amount of sea-life in the water... and the clarity seemed like it would be a good place to snorkel.

Watch out for all the twisted, rusted metal!

I'm not sure what this was, but when I kicked it, it felt heavy.

I thought about openning it up, but thought better of it. Someone wanted it wrapped, and so I left it to sit on the beach.

I hiked the water's edge until I found an overpass over the highway and train.

There was a floating boat here - maybe a chance to go out fishing later?

Alot of patrol boats today, so maybe not.

Even though I didn't get to fish, it is always good to be at the water.