Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Hunter's Safety Completed - x2

Two of the boys needed their hunter's safety to start hunting in the future.

The new process is pretty good. One can either complete a on-line course for $15, or get a free workbook to complete.

A field day and test are required also, for $10.

We went out to Sauvie's Island on Saturday, and had a pretty good time of it.

The boys demonstrated safely crossing a fence.

They also used a 'zone of fire'.

Another station let them make decisions on when to shoot, and when not to shoot.

When they did shoot, they were scored on where they hit. Some good anatomy and shot placement learning, here.

A third station let them practice shooting, and they got several shots at skeet.

This seemed to be the most fun.

Here, the volunteer instructor demonstrated what a shotgun can do to a jug of water.

Some of the boys took a few shots to 'dial in' the skeet shooting.

All of the participants eventually hit the skeet.

The test took about 30 minutes, on average.

Everyone passed.

The boys were VERY relieved to be done with this. The workbook took them about a month to complete, and they were sweating the test.

Good job, boys!

On the way back we explored the island a bit more.

The new bridge is really nice.

It is alittle tough to spit off, but we practiced a while and got the hang of it.

The river and trollers were looking good.

We could even see Portland through the weather.

The instructors were great with the younger students.
Glad this round is done. Time to go huntin'.